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Video Optimization

Search Marketing Inc ensures your videos rank high across all traditional search engines such as Google and Yahoo!, in addition to the major video portals People love watching video. Professional online video for business stands out. Video is a brand differentiator in crowded markets. Google bought YouTube years back. Then there is MSN Soapbox, Yahoo video, Blinkz and Daily Motion. The tidal wave is coming into shore. It is plain to see that Video is a key component in search.

The most important part of video is the story. You need to be clear in your objectives and you need to plan the video for the user, the medium and for business purposes, you need to decide what the call to action will be. Online video is mainly one way communication, and even if it is not you need to keep your focus tight and on script.

Video creation can be thought of as a war against unnecessary noise in your content. The more noise in your original, the less it can be compressed, and the larger the final result. Use a high quality digital video camera. Minimize pans, zooms, and subject motion and make sure your subject is well lit. Use a simple background and a solid tripod. Avoid hand-held shots, but if a tripod is not an option use a gyroscopic stabilizer ( or an image stabilized lens. The lower the noise, movement, and fine detail in the background the smaller the video.
Website Promotion Minimize camera motion with a tripod
Search Engine Optimization Minimize subject motion
SEO Copywriting Use a lot of light
Link Building Use a simple background
Pay Per Click (PPC Services) Avoid camera pans and zooms
Link Building Use professional equipment
Pay Per Click (PPC Services) Use a digital format

Compressing Videos for the Web

Now that you've got your video prepared and adjusted it's time to compress it. This is called "encoding" in the jargon of the industry. You must compress the size of your video so it can be successfully streamed (or downloaded) to your target audience. Encoding is the process where this compression happens, and it is full of hard interdependent decisions:
Website Promotion Streaming Media Format - QuickTime versus Real Media versus Windows Media
Search Engine Optimization Supported playback platforms - Microsoft Windows versus Macintosh, or both
SEO Copywriting Delivery method - True real-time streaming versus HTTP streaming
Link Building Overall data rate - Compression versus quality versus bandwidth required
Pay Per Click (PPC Services) Audio quality - Mono versus stereo.
Link Building Codec - H.264, Sorenson and WMV are the current champs
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At Search Marketing Inc, we believe that knowledge enables businesses to make the right decisions, whether that means taking SEO and PPC in-house, or utilizing an agency, knowledge is the key. Contact us now and put your SEO, PPC or social media strategy on the right track!

Search Marketing Inc is a search engine optimization firm located in Bangalore, India and expanding our wings in Middle East also. The team of our internet marketing firm was officially formed in June, 2008.

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